As Canada Day approaches, Foodbuy is gearing up to showcase the spirit of Canadian pride. We sat down with a few of our Canadian suppliers to highlight the importance of choosing Canadian products and the impact it has on both consumers and businesses alike. By exploring questions centered around the advantages of exclusively offering Canadian-made products, the role of trust and loyalty in emphasizing Canadian goods, and the benefits experienced by businesses, we discuss the contributions of Canadian suppliers to our marketplace. Lastly, we’ll explore insights into further avenues for promoting and supporting Canadian companies and creating stronger connections within our community of Foodbuy Members.


A black and white image of a boy in a cycle and company logo of Saputo with the text, "Passion and craftsmanship since 1954."The Saputo family’s journey to Canada led to the establishment of a global company rooted in Montreal. Their dedication and vision transformed Saputo into a top ten global dairy processor. Today, Saputo produces, markets, and distributes a wide range of dairy products, including cheese, milk, cream, cultured products, butter, and more. In Canada, Saputo is a leading cheese manufacturer and fluid milk processor, with 18 plants, 19 distribution centers, and around 6,000 employees. For 70 years, Saputo’s leading brands like Dairyland, Milk2Go, Neilson, Alexis de Portneuf, and Armstrong have made Canadians feel at home.

We asked Saputo to discuss how Canadian-made products contributes significantly to building trust and loyalty among Foodbuy Members. They told us that, “with great care and passion, they create nutritious products for Foodbuy members and all people in Canada and around the world. Their commitment to listening to their customers and contributing to their success sets them apart.” They are proud to support the success of restaurateurs and partners and care deeply about the communities where they operate.

Saputo has been a partner of Foodbuy and Compass Canada for over 10 years, providing a wide range of high-quality dairy products. Their dedicated sales team and passion for service excellence ensures they meet our members foodservice needs. Every day, they leverage decades of experience to adapt to the evolving demands of the industry. Additionally, they mentioned that their Strategic Business Development team, which includes Marketing, Product Development, Innovation, Consumer Market Insights, Category Revenue Management, and Corporate Chefs, works collaboratively to drive innovation and culinary expertise with their strategic business partners, like Foodbuy and Compass.

Burnbrae Farms

Top angle shot of six carton of eggs, a plate of avocado toast and butter with the line, 'We champion choice'Burnbrae Farms is a Canadian family-owned and operated company with over 130 years of history in the agriculture industry. As one of the country’s leading egg producers, Burnbrae Farms provides Canadians with safe, nutritious, and high-quality eggs. With a strong commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and innovation, Burnbrae Farms has grown from a single farm to a nationwide presence, employing thousands of Canadians and supporting local communities across the country. Their dedication to excellence and responsible farming practices has made them a trusted name in Canadian households.

We asked Burnbrae what some of the key benefits were to supporting local Canadian suppliers and companies. Economically, they highlighted that it promotes job opportunities, with Burnbrae Farms employing thousands of Canadians nationwide. They also emphasized that community development is enhanced through local businesses’ commitment to giving back, sustainability, and providing safe, nutritious products.

For more than 130 years, Burnbrae Farms has always focused on giving back to communities, sustainability, and proudly working to provide Canadians with safe, accessible, and nutritious eggs. By supporting a local Canadian business, you are helping support your community.”

Environmentally, local sourcing reduces the impact of long-distance transportation, aligning with Burnbrae Farms’ climate strategy to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050 through greener energy sources and efficient energy use. Quality assurance is another benefit, as local products meet stringent Canadian health and safety standards.

Lastly, we asked Burnbrae if they could share a specific story or example that highlights the positive impact of featuring made-in-Canada products has had on their business. They mentioned that giving back has also always been part of their values and culture as a family and as a business. They strive to provide nutritious affordable eggs to Canadians and donate eggs and egg products to many food banks and other organizations in need. They also work with University of Guelph, with a goal to constantly improve education in agriculture.


A top angle view of a couple takeout boxes with food and a hand with a fork in the takeout box with noodles.The Toronto-based company Gallimore Products has been committed to making compostable dinnerware, cutlery, and takeout boxes for the foodservice industry in Canada. Their Galligreen products stand out because they are made from sustainable materials such as sugarcane, bamboo, and corn. This innovative approach aligns with their mission to minimize environmental impact by providing over 400 different compostable, sustainable, recyclable, and customizable products.

With over 39 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Gallimore Products has become a trusted source for one of North America’s most diverse collections of high-quality foodservice disposable products. The Galligreen product line, launched over 18 years ago, was one of the first compostable product lines introduced in North America. This pioneering effort reflects their belief in the importance of environmental awareness to ensure that future generations benefit from today’s sustainable practices.

Gallimore Products ensures that their compostable products undergo rigorous testing to guarantee minimal environmental impact from production to disposal. Today, their expansive product line includes over 300 items, ranging from compostable products and paper straws to food bags, wooden and bamboo products, paper bags, cutlery, folding carton take-out containers and boxes, and disposable towels.

As a proud Canadian company, Gallimore Products demonstrates the value of supporting local businesses committed to creating Earth-friendly, sustainable products. This dedication not only benefits the environment but also provides consumers with high-quality, eco-conscious alternatives for their foodservice needs.


Image of number 60 and the year 1964 Founded in 1964 in Kingsey Falls, Quebec, Cascades is a proudly Canadian company that offers sustainable, innovative, and value-added solutions for packaging, hygiene, and recovery needs. With a workforce of 10,000 dedicated women and men across more than 70 facilities in North America, Cascades stands as a pioneer and leader in eco-friendly food, protective, e-commerce, and retail packaging.

Cascades’ mission is tocontribute to the well-being of people, communities, and the planet.” To reaffirm this commitment and drive positive change, the company is currently implementing its fourth sustainability action plan, which includes 15 ambitious targets for the periods 2021-2025 and 2030. By working in partnership to develop regenerative and environmentally respectful methods, Cascades aims to continuously reduce its environmental footprint.

As part of its sustainability efforts, Cascades is committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, decreasing energy and water consumption, and using 100% renewable electricity. Supporting local communities and promoting eco-friendly practices, Cascades exemplifies the value of a Canadian company dedicated to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Our conversations with Canadian suppliers have underscored the significant advantages of choosing Canadian-made products, from developing trust and loyalty to experiencing unique business benefits. By showcasing the vital contributions of Canadian suppliers, we emphasize the positive impact on both consumers and businesses. Moving forward, we are dedicated to exploring new ways to promote and support Canadian companies, strengthening connections within our community of Foodbuy Members, and continuing to promote the value of buying local.




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