As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to acknowledge the women who work at Foodbuy. Their experiences, resilience, and triumphs not only shape their personal stories but add to our workplace culture. These remarkable women embody the values of determination, innovation, and excellence that define Foodbuy. These are just a few of the talented women on the Foodbuy team who are empowered to help drive our customers’ success.

Join us in acknowledging and celebrating some of our exceptional women.

Lauren Adams headshotLauren Adams – Director Member Development

Lauren Adams is the Director of Member Engagement. Lauren and her team provide valuable support for Foodbuy Members by helping them maximize their rebate earning potential. Her team can assist with optimization efforts and program activation. Lauren discusses that what has made her most successful in her career is having a lot of great teachers over the years. Managers, mentors, and colleagues who have taken the time to invest in her development, share their experiences, offer feedback, and help her create a roadmap for success.

We asked Lauren what advice she would give other women who are starting their career or want to start a career in foodservice? She said “…to make room for yourself. Foodservice has been a predominantly male industry, but women can offer a unique perspective and it’s important that we take our seat at the table.”

Lastly, we asked, in what ways do you believe we can foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment for women? Lauren mentioned when a work environment is balanced in gender and diversity it enhances creativity, innovation, and overall team performance. As we continue to grow as an organization these are crucial considerations.




Lianne Schoenfeld headshotLianne Schoenfeld – Director Marketing & Communications

Lianne Schoenfeld is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Foodbuy. She is responsible for ensuring the organization shares insightful and timely information with Members. Whether it’s industry trends, or information about Foodbuy’s many cost saving programs and initiatives, all are designed to enable Members to make more informed business decisions.

Lianne mentions that she has been inspired by many women. She reflects on how each woman she’s met has their own way and place in the world, and knowing they have the freedom and confidence to choose their own path and to live by those choices is inspiring and liberating to her.

We asked Lianne what has made her successful in her career thus far? She explained that hard work and having a desire to continuously learn are key to a successful career. She explains that it’s imperative to not just identify problems but to look for solutions and to investigate different ways of doing things. Her advice to anyone starting their career, “…I would suggest being a sponge and learning as much as you can about all aspects of your chosen organization and industry. Get to know people outside of your current circle and be genuinely interested in what they’re doing and how the pieces fit together.”




Sage Wei headshotSage Wei – Senior Category Manager 

Sage Wei is a Senior Category Manager on the procurement team managing the Supplies, Equipment and Services (SES) categories. Sage focuses on ensuring that Foodbuy is actively engaged in sourcing and negotiating contracts that yield significant value for Members.

Sage reflects on the women in her life who have inspired her. She mentions that when she was younger her grandmother was one of the strongest women she knew. She was an entrepreneur who built a manufacturing company for automobile devices. The factory has been operating for 30 years with over 100 employees. Sage’s grandmother’s drive and hard work has had a profound influence that has significantly molded her as a woman.

Her advice to other women who are starting their career in foodservice is to connect with women who are already in this industry. If possible, choose an organization that holds a leading position in the industry, so you can learn from the best people, access greater resources, and make a positive impact.




Jubie Jain headshotJubie Jain– Account Manager 

Jubie Jain is a Foodbuy Account Manager who works specifically with Foodbuy’s Healthcare & Education Members. Her role is to build relationships with Foodbuy Members in the sector. She assists them with product introductions, conversions and helps with optimizations to ensure Members are achieving their goals.

Jubie discusses that the success in her career stems from her dedication to continuous learning, adept communication skills, her commitment to inclusivity and empathy. She says that these qualities have not only propelled her personal growth but have also provided a supportive environment for her team and colleagues.

Jubie mentioned that some ways we can continue to foster a more inclusive work environment is by implementing policies that help address gender bias and provide equal opportunities for advancement. She notes that providing women with flexible work arrangements and promoting a culture of respect are just some of the ways we can work toward a more inclusive workplace for everyone.

We appreciate all of the outstanding women of Foodbuy, who work to enhance our Member offerings, elevate customer experiences, and strengthen our value proposition.

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