One SKU Can Make Your Food and Beverage Purchasing Process Easier Than Ever 


When it comes to procurement, the simplest answer is sometimes the best one. Finding one SKU that fits a variety of purposes can make food and beverage purchasing more efficient and less stressful. In this installment of the Culinary Consulting Unboxing Series, Chef Michael Joseph from Rich’s Products Corporation joins Patrick Egan of Foodbuy’s Culinary Solutions Team to showcase one product that can be used in a wide variety of ways. 


The No Proof Sub Roll Dough from Rich’s can be prepared using multiple techniques to make: 

Classic sandwich rolls for deli-inspired options 

Focaccia bread that can accompany any Italian dish  

Pretzel bites which make a great appetizer 

Beignets for a sweet breakfast or dessert option 

Waffle tacos which can hold any filling 

Pita bread for easy Greek-inspired lunches 


This item is an ideal fit for any food program, from cafeterias to restaurant concepts. Plus, the No Proof Sub Roll Dough can fit a wide range of cuisines. Whether you’re looking to elevate an existing dish or create an entirely new menu item, adding this SKU to your next order opens a world of possibilities. Watch the collaboration below. 


Our Expert Chefs Are Here to Help 


There are many ways to simplify your food and beverage purchasing process. From using one SKU for multiple menu items to exploring managed order guides, the Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy can make recommendations that will save you money and stress.  


This team of experienced chefs can help your team optimize procurement, cut down on food waste, improve employee trainings, and update your menus. It all depends on your specific needs. With decades of culinary experience and several specialty areas, our Culinary Solutions Team has inside knowledge on ingredient trends, product suppliers, and menu strategies. 


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