Increased focus on tackling challenges posed by climate change, dwindling natural resources, coupled with the rise of environmentally conscious consumers, has brought about a strong focus on sustainability in foodservice operations. Sustainability practices help the planet, and individuals and businesses are making changes to adopt them. The sustainable choices made today will set the course for future trends in the foodservice industry.

Foodservice operators who are looking to understand and implement sustainable practices in their operations can find some meaningful suggestions below:

Becoming energy-efficient: Restaurants and commercial kitchens are energy-intensive. Kitchen equipment such as cooking and holding equipment, HVAC systems, commercial ventilation, water heating, refrigeration, lighting etc., all use a significant amount of  energy. Most manufacturers are providing energy-efficient equipment options,  this is not only good for the environment but for your  bottom line as well. Foodbuy’s partnership with United Trimen, offers highly personalised solutions in foodservice equipment and smallwares, ensuring that our Members have access to quality and energy efficient foodservice equipment solutions.

Efficient Water Management: Whether it’s for cooking, washing, or cleaning, water is used for everything in the foodservice industry. Water is critical for food production, food security, and health. Adopting measures to reduce water wastage, performing regular maintenance on water heaters, and using Energy Star certified appliances can go a long way in conserving this crucial natural resource.

Diversey’s cleaning products and innovative technologies are designed to minimise environmental impact and help businesses in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and safety. while helping reduce water and energy consumption. Diversey’s solutions also help in reducing waste and promoting responsible chemical usage. As a leading provider of hygiene, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions, Diversey believes that the greatest opportunity for positive environmental and social impact does not lie solely in its own operations, but also through the delivery of products and services that enable foodservice operators to minimise their environmental footprint and operate more efficiently.  By partnering with Diversey, Foodbuy has made strides towards enabling Members to adopt more sustainable solutions in their business.

Adopting Waste Management practises: Eliminating waste altogether is next to impossible, but processes can be adopted to significantly reduce and manage it effectively. Having a proper waste management system not only helps in lowering greenhouse gas emissions but also ensures other environmental benefits. With the right waste management system, businesses can implement systematic strategies to handle and manage wastage.

By collaborating with Waste Solutions, Foodbuy Members have access to comprehensive waste management solutions encompassing recycling programs, composting initiatives, and waste reduction strategies.

Tech-Driven Sustainability: From digitised ordering systems to AI-powered inventory management, technology is changing almost every aspect of the foodservice industry. Technology is also playing an instrumental role in shaping a more sustainable future for food production and consumption. Restaurants and other foodservice units can explore how technology can play an important role in their efforts to become more sustainable. Notch is currently being tested by Foodbuy, and is one company that’s looking to completely do away with paper transactions. It simplifies invoice management, payments and ordering with digital organisation and automation. Notch eliminates the manual entry that takes hours out of your team’s day and removes all paper transactions. This is a time saver for operators as well as being environmentally friendly.

Menu planning: More and more consumers are embracing vegan, plant-based and flexitarian diets. The foodservice industry plays an important role in supporting consumer choice through the meals offered. However there’s a careful balance of offering variety while reducing waste and maintaining profit margins. This is where restaurants can greatly benefit from adopting menu engineering strategies in their overall restaurant strategy. This can be executed by incorporating the same ingredient for more than one dish, by sourcing locally, by offering a very limited but targeted menu along with other considerations. These strategies in turn can help operators reduce waste, remain sustainable and be innovative.

Foodbuy has formed a strategic partnership with The Fifteen Group, a leading hospitality consulting agency with over two decades of expertise in crafting concepts, creating indelible experiences, and building profitable operations for new and existing restaurants. The Fifteen Group’s consultants serve as a valuable resource for those navigating the complexities of the restaurant industry.

Eco-friendly packaging and disposables: Moving away from traditional disposables made of plastic or Styrofoam has posed unique challenges for foodservice operations. There is a delicate balance between maintaining food quality and being environmentally friendly when it comes to take-away and delivery packaging. Maintaining food quality for the growing delivery side of the business and for most quick serve style formats, is difficult but there are more options available than ever before to solve both issues. The packaging industry is also striving to keep up with the myriad of legislation changes enacted by various municipalities, regions and countries.

Foodbuy has partnered with Gallimore Products to provide our Members with an extensive selection of sustainable packaging options. Gallimore offers an expansive product line of over 300 items ranging from compostable products, paper straws, take-out containers, ​hinged-lid containers, plates, cups, bowls, food bags etc.

With the aim to reduce single-use packaging, Compass Group Canada, parent company of Foodbuy, is proud to partner with Friendlier and CANO, who provide reusable takeout container solutions. This partnership underscores our organisation’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050 as well as providing sustainable solutions for our Compass operations and Foodbuy Members. While solutions provided by Friendlier are suited for operations that lack onsite ware washing capacity, CANO is recommended for operations that are equipped with onsite washing capabilities but still want to offer reusable takeout containers to their customers.

At Foodbuy, we’re actively enabling our Members and Compass operators to make sustainable choices through a variety of initiatives and partnerships. From ethically sourced ingredients to eco-friendly packaging solutions and through our partnerships with sustainable suppliers, Foodbuy ensures that you have access to the latest innovations in sustainability to be able to contribute to a more sustainable future. Your Foodbuy Account Manager is here to support your efforts.

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