Get to Know Our Food Supply Chain Management Software


It’s hard to make effective decisions when you don’t have all the information. When it comes to your business, you want to be well-informed. Especially when it’s time to decide on category sourcing questions. That’s where the food supply chain management software, MPower by Foodbuy comes into play.


Keep an Eye on Your Account

MPower is Foodbuy’s ultimate account management platform. Your dashboard connects you with everything from industry updates to reports on your broadline, local, and regional programs. Updates are submitted by suppliers, account managers, and users, so you’ll know you’re getting up to date data.


Whether you use it to verify product prices or explore new opportunities, you’ll have valuable information available anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can view and create custom reports for important insights. It’s all possible on MPower.


Category Sourcing Backed by Data


Ready to slice and dice some data? The MPower Results tab is your source for specific numbers on spend and potential savings. More than just food supply chain management software, your Results tab can also show you information on small wares, supplies and services procurement. You can split the numbers by various metrics, from locations and time periods to distributors, manufacturers, and categories.


Customizing your reports will make category sourcing easier – and more profitable – than ever.


Adapting to Fit Modern Needs


At Foodbuy, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re always making changes and updates to MPower. This summer’s recent update makes viewing, arranging, and sharing data even more convenient. This advanced technology allows members to access key metrics and graphs. You’ll spot opportunities to improve category sourcing techniques faster than ever. We’ve even made improvements to price verification software, so that you can monitor your payments, and ultimately ensure proper rebate amounts.


Ready to learn more about our innovative food supply chain management software? Open your dashboard in MPower by Foodbuy today.

Empower Your Procurement

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