Composting is a great solution for disposing of food waste, and many foodservice operations committed to sustainability pay a premium for trucks to haul waste to landfills or composting facilities. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a system that could “digest” food waste on-site and then dispose it in an environmentally friendly manner without having to transport it anywhere? Enter ORCA – the ultimate food waste management system, and one of Foodbuy’s newest sustainable partners.

Foodbuy and ORCA are bringing high-tech food waste composting to back-of-house kitchen areas for customers across the country. ORCA uses an aerobic digestion process to convert food waste into liquid that safely discharges into the sanitary sewer system. With ORCA, there is no grinding or shredding, no use of chemicals, no solids generated that require additional handling, and no foul odors produced.

Here’s how it works: the sustainable ORCA technology is housed in a stainless steel container, with a door on the top which employees open to throw food waste inside. Water is added periodically to keep it moist. The waste is turned consistently inside the machine, and microorganisms are sprayed into it daily, breaking the waste into liquid. The by-product of the machine is earth-friendly water that can be used for irrigation or put into a sewer system.

While traditional composting is a great way to deal with food waste naturally, the ORCA waste digester does it much, much faster, usually within a 24-hour period. Plus, ORCA prevents thousands of pounds of waste from ending up in landfills each year. ORCA also provides comprehensive waste volume reporting to support clients’ sustainability efforts.

Inspired by nature. Fueled by science. That’s the beauty of ORCA. And with several different models available, along with rental and purchase options and service packages, the only thing our customers need be concerned about each day, is what to feed their ORCA.