Foodbuy assists camps with their procurement needs

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) are not something that most people are familiar with unless you’ve worked in purchasing or if you’re a GM, chef, or seasoned camp manager.  However, the GPO business model has been around for decades, saving operators money. Let’s look at Foodbuy, Canada’s leading foodservice and hospitality GPO.

If you’ve shopped at Costco you understand the GPO concept at the retail level. Costco buys massive volumes and its manufacturing partners offer a discounted selling price in return for high sales volume. Costco passes along that savings to their members.

That’s how it works in the Business to Business (B2B) sector as well, except on a much larger scale. Foodbuy is North America’s largest Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) and partners with over 400 suppliers with contracted purchasing agreements on over 36,000 items in Canada alone. When the purchasing volume of all of Foodbuy’s Members is combined, manufacturers are prepared to provide price discounts or rebates, in return for that volume. That is where Foodbuy Members benefit, by receiving price discounts or earning rebates on any item that Foodbuy has contracts with the manufacturers on.

It makes sense to work with a GPO for many reasons, which is why it’s such a prevalent practice across so many businesses. It’s a time saver, a cost reducer, and a support for those Members looking for help with their purchasing requirements. This is especially applicable for the Camp sector where timelines are compressed and part time buyers may not have advanced procurement skills. Foodbuy is your go-to expert for purchasing. And, it is free to join as Foodbuy gets paid by the manufacturers for bringing them added sales volume.

Foodbuy works with camps across Canada, and our dedicated account team has the knowledge and expertise to help camps save money on purchases, select the items that will optimize their purchasing and save time sourcing needed items.

If you haven’t started saving with Foodbuy yet, what are you waiting for? Learn more about Foodbuy here or get in touch to learn how Foodbuy can help your business.

This is an excerpt from the Foodbuy 2024 Golf Club and Leisure Guide. To read the guide, click here.

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