GPO Sourcing Strategies Can Fortify Your Business Against 2022 Supply Chain Challenges


It’s no secret that COVID-19 had a large effect on global supply chain operations. While consumers are returning to their pre-pandemic habits, businesses are still experiencing the fallout of shutdowns and restrictions. Partnering with a group purchasing organization could be what protects your business during this difficult transition time. Foodbuy not only provides GPO sourcing solutions, but distribution support, culinary consulting, and data tracking services. Your partnership with us is customized to your needs – even if those needs change over time.

The 2022 Supply Chain Landscape


The COVID-19 pandemic put existing supply chain operations to the ultimate test. As product shortages, consumer demand fluctuations, and distribution halts ran rampant throughout 2020 and 2021, many companies found themselves without the necessary contingency plans and end-to-end visibility to maintain business as usual. Now, as consumers return to their pre-pandemic spending habits, the supply chain has yet to recover enough to fully meet the increased demand. Meanwhile, US inflation is up to 8.26%.


Healthcare, education, hospitality, and foodservice providers finally have the demand they’ve been lacking but are now trying to find ways to supply the same amount and quality of products despite inflation rates and supply chain disruptions.


GPO Sourcing and Consulting Solutions May Be Your Ticket


In the face of shipping disruptions, labor shortages, rising inflation, looking into procurement operations consulting is essential. Now is a good time to revisit our article from January 2021, “Is Your Team Ready for the Next Procurement Crisis?” You can read the full article here.



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