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Are you making the most of your partnership with Compass Foodbuy? Backed by over $25 billion in spend, we offer a huge range of GPO sourcing programs. If there’s a product you need, you can likely find it within our network, leading you to bigger rebates and better-quality items. Plus, we offer helpful programs like culinary consulting, distribution support, and account auditing. Our variety of services can help your business reach new heights.


Not sure where to start or which services we offer? Reviewing some of our past articles can help. Our account managers work tirelessly to assist members with custom solutions. Read more below.


1. Foodbuy’s Audit Services Identifies and Resolves $100K in Pricing Discrepancies for Retail Member


Sometimes issues can get lost in the numbers for larger members. In this case, the member runs over 250 restaurant outlets. Luckily, they also receive routine audits from the Compass Foodbuy team as part of their partnership. This allowed our team to identify price discrepancies amongst different restaurant locations for products from a specific manufacturer. We were ultimately able to work with the manufacturer to correct improper pricing and secure credits for overpayments.

2. Foodbuy’s Culinary Solutions Team Helps Member Develop and Deploy New Breakfast Menu


Hospitality and leisure clients often have specific needs when it comes to menu planning. In this case, a member needed to eliminate their breakfast buffet and replace it with something different. The Culinary Solutions team at Foodbuy stepped in to create a rotating menu of hot and grab-and-go items. Plus, our GPO sourcing expertise allowed the member to manage costs through their procurement.


3. Foodbuy Offers Premium Regional, Local and Specialty Products at Competitive Prices


Many restaurants prioritize using locally and regionally sourced products in their dishes. That was the case with this member, a Michelin Star-rated restaurant group. Our Compass Foodbuy Market Basket team showed the member several regional and local programs in our portfolio that would provide considerable savings and more product consistency.


4. Foodbuy Saves Member $500,000 Annually on Dispensed Juice


Does your GPO sourcing plan cover all of your locations? If not, you may be looking for procurement alternatives. In this case study, the member turned to Compass Foodbuy for an alternative to their current juice product, because their existing supplier couldn’t provide equal accommodations for their US and Canada locations. Switching to one of our programs allowed them to not only save money, but also standardize their offerings.


5. Achieving Sustainability Standards


Prioritizing sustainability is important to many of our members. Luckily, we offer many programs that cater to these needs. As one of America’s leading healthcare providers, this member specifically wanted to source food products that weren’t grown using non-therapeutic antibiotics. Because Compass Foodbuy monitors and interacts with suppliers who focus on sustainability, we were able to connect the member with an ideal poultry program for their needs.

Interested in learning more about our past member successes? Visit the Case Studies page on the Resource Center.


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