Foodbuy is committed to partnering with industry leading suppliers that align with our dedication to sustainability. As an integral part of Compass Group Canada and as their procurement arm, Foodbuy Canada’s sustainability initiatives are centered around our duty to the environment, communities, health, and wellness. Within these pillars lie critical aspects that significantly influence our approach to sustainability challenges. Continuous improvement in best practices is a goal we all share, with particular emphasis on environmental stewardship and ethical animal treatment. Here are five of our top partners that share our value for sustainability.

Olymel – Commitment to Animal Welfare

In 2016, Olymel proudly opened its first community-owned sow barn, featuring stalls designed for free sow movement. This piglet production facility adheres to the most current standards in animal welfare, biosecurity, and sustainable practices. Presently, Olymel operates five such barns, each home to roughly 2,360 sows.

Burnbrae – Renewable Energy Initiatives

Burnbrae Farms not only prioritizes animal welfare but also actively works to diminish their environmental impact by harnessing solar energy to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Their Woodstock, Ontario-based facility, launched in 2019, stands as Canada’s most extensive solar-powered egg production farm.

High Liner – Sustainable Seafood Sourcing

High Liner ensures that 96% of their seafood purchases align with their ‘Responsibly Sourced’ criteria, with 98% of their raw materials procured from suppliers compliant with the High Liner Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct.

Maple Leaf – Pursuing Carbon Neutrality

Maple Leaf Foods has the distinction of being the first carbon neutral major food company globally and has set an ambitious target to slash their carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. To realize this, they have rolled out multiple science-driven projects across their operations.

Pepsi – Advancing Sustainable Packaging

Pepsico is on a sustainability expedition, aiming to transition all plastic bottles for their Pepsi-branded products to those made entirely from rPET or other sustainable materials by 2030. In addition, Frito Lay Canada has a sustainable approach to their cardboard cartons, reusing them over five times prior to recycling, saving the equivalent of 1.3 million trees since 2015. They have made strides in several other areas of sustainability as well including renewable energy.

Each of these producers are leading the way in sustainable practices in our industry’s quest for environmental responsibility. Championing animal welfare, harnessing renewable energy, upholding ethical supply chains, and minimizing waste are all commendable endeavors in combating climate change.

To further their efforts and truly embrace sustainability in its entirety, they also emphasize the importance of community enrichment and the creation of wholesome foods that nurture our minds, bodies, and the earth itself. Foodbuy can work with you to incorporate sustainable items and practices in your operations – reach out to your account manager to get started.

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