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Launching vegetarian and vegan menu items can be risky when you’re using a meat alternative that can only be served one way. Fortunately for chefs, the days of single-use vegan products are long gone thanks to Impossible Foods. Chefs Chris Hall of the Culinary Solutions team at Foodbuy and J. Michael Melton, head of culinary for Impossible Foods show us how Impossible Beef is a great option for purchasing optimization.


The chefs show us how Impossible Foods’ flagship product can be used as the perfect Korean taco filling, chili base and traditional burger. The three unique dishes are all made from the same SKU, providing you with plenty of creative freedom. You can find even more recipes for Impossible Beef at the Impossible Foods website. Ask your account manager about purchasing optimization strategies today.


You Haven’t Tried a Meat Substitute Like This Before

Impossible Foods creates meat substitutes for meat eaters. Their recipes are based on science, allowing them to break down the elements that make meat, meat, and replicating them with plant-based ingredients.


Chef Melton explains the four essential ingredients in Impossible Beef:


Soy protein, which mimics the texture of muscle tissue

Sunflower oil and coconut fat, which imitate the properties of animal fat

Cellulose, which holds in moisture while cooking like connective tissue

Heme, which gives the same color-changing temperature cues as meat


Because of these elements, the product can be used in all the recipes you usually use ground beef in. Burgers made from Impossible Beef can even be cooked to order, from rare to well done. Interested in adding this SKU to your next order through Foodbuy? Ask us about purchasing optimization strategies using meat substitutes today.


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