Does Your Group Purchasing Organization Accommodate Healthcare Needs?


Taking care of people is the essence of the healthcare industry. That should translate to healthy food options within healthcare facilities. Whether you manage a senior living facility or hospital, you need a group purchasing organization with healthcare focused solutions. Read on to learn how to plan a procurement strategy focused on wellness.


Incorporating Plant-Based Products

It’s no secret that more Americans are trying to reduce their meat consumption. A 2021 Envision and Technomic study reported that one in four participants was making a conscious effort to eat more plant-based protein.

Choosing meat-free protein is often cheaper and reduces carbon consumption, but it can also be a healthy option. A study performed by researchers at Harvard and Tehran University found that getting 3% more of total calories from plant protein lowered people’s risk for premature death by 5%.

The key is to look for “complete proteins.” These plant products contain all nine essential amino acids that humans need. Some examples include soybeans and quinoa. However, just because an item is an incomplete protein source, doesn’t mean you need to nix it. Combining ingredients can help you provide your patients with various nutrients while still fulfilling their protein needs.


Stocking Up on Healthy Snacks


Feeding patients goes beyond mealtimes. You want to keep your facility stocked with nutritious grab-and-go options, as well as balanced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Here are some vending and cafeteria options to consider:


Beverages with added benefits like probiotics and vitamins are increasing in popularity and easy to keep stocked.

Many brands such as Jack & Olive offer health-focused snacks and meal items, from sandwiches to veggie assortments.

Snacks with high protein and fiber levels, like nuts and energy bars, can keep your patients and residents energized.


Ask your group purchasing organization about healthcare specific options for both vending and dining applications now.


Good Food From the Source

Where does the food you serve come from? You want to make sure that you’re sourcing ingredients from suppliers you can trust. That’s the most important place that your group purchasing organization for healthcare facilities comes into play.


At Foodbuy, we put transparency first, allowing our members to make informed decisions when it comes to sourcing. We work with a wide range of companies, including local, regional, and diverse suppliers. You can choose the programs that best fit your business needs.

Caring for your patients or residents is what you do. Providing you with the supplies you need is what we do. Speak with a Foodbuy account manager today to learn more.

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